Alton Towers And Your Next School Trip

Back to school is in full swing in the UK. With that said, the teachers and the students will soon be ready for a break from all the stress, hassle, and getting settled into a new routine for a new school year. It will soon be time to take a short trip to Alton Towers, an outing filled with fun, relaxation, and release of stress. They are the number one theme park in the United Kingdom.

If your school has thought about going to Alton Towers but has never made that leap, go for it now as time is running out for 2014. The last booking for arrival is the ninth of November. There is special pricing for the students and for the teachers.

Harbour bridge from circular quay, image by Tim Harper

If you book in advance, one teacher can go for free per ten students at your secondary school. Additional teachers will pay £24. If your primary school is going, then one teacher can go for free per five pupils paying in advance. Each additional teacher will have to pay £25. Prices for the pupils range from £12 to £15.50 for secondary schools. Primary school is between £7.25 and £15.50.

The catch, however, is that in order to receive the special pricing, you must book the trip to Alton Towers through Selwyns Coach Hire. This is a good thing because they are the most trusted coach hire service providers in the United Kingdom. There is heat and air conditioning on the bus. The drivers are certified with extensive training along with extensive background checks. There are seat belts on each bus. Up to fifty-seven students and teachers can ride per bus.

There are a variety of rides to choose from at Alton Towers. Take your pick from the silly to the dangerously fun and enjoy breathtaking views from the sky. There are even rides to give you a fright for Halloween. Maybe you wish for the kids to see the gardens, see a show about sea life, or tee off a round of golf.

There are yummy treats and drinks to try. Purchase a food and drink voucher for £10 for kids up to 11 years old. The adults can purchase theirs for £20. The voucher includes a treat, drink, and meal.

Make sure the parents send money to bring home some great souvenirs. Bring those digital cameras and keep them charged. There will be plenty of selfies and group pictures to take. When arriving home they will be ready to share and post to all their favorite social media sites.

Alton Towers and Selwyns work hand in hand with the UK schools. They believe education is key for the future of the country. What better way to learn than enjoy the process and get ready for life?

Selwyns is nearly booked for the new 2014 school year. If you cannot make it or if you want to wait for 2015, Selwyns has bookings starting on March 22nd. Give them a call today to lock in your special school rate. It will be the best decision you have ever made!

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Types of Trains Run in India

Broadly classifying, there are basically two types of trains that operate in India, Freight and Passenger trains. Freight trains are the trains used for moving cargo from one place to another such as goods, coal and bulky material. Trains are an economical medium for such transportation which also makes up 70% of the revenues generated by the Indian Railways.
A variety of goods ranging from automobiles to coal are transported using railways within the country.

On the other hand there is vast variety of trains under the passenger transport section. They are as follows:

Shatabdi Express:

Shatabdi Express, image by charlie

This is the fastest type of passenger trains operating in India. They are trains which cover their course the same day and have AC chair car seating. Shatabdi facilitates you with inclusive food and catering and also is one of the few trains providing you the “luxury” of english newspaper.

Rajdhani Express:

Rajdhani Express, image by charlie

These are the trains operating between the Rajdhani’sor capital cities of India to New Delhi. These are AC trains operating at high speeds having normal berth type seating.Rajdhani’s also provide food and catering, inclusive in the ticket charge. Since journeys in Rajdhanis are long, proper bedding arrangements are also made.

AC Expresses:

AC Expresses, image by charlie

These trains link major cities of India to each other and travel at similar speeds such as the Rajdhani Express, having AC berth type seating.

Duronto Express:

Duronto Express, image by charlie

These are the trains which stop at only very important stations and otherwise go non-stop point-to-point. They are a type of Rajdhani, with the exception of some providing sleeper class berths. Popular Duronto’s are Delhi-Chennai, Delhi Mumbai, etc.


GaribRaths, image by charlie

These are fast trains providing both Chair car and berth type seating and both AC and Non AC arrangements for passengers. Their tickets are relatively cheaper, however comfort is a bit compromised and this train generally is considered as an alternative to Rajdhani and Shatabdi.

Jan Shatabdi:

Jan Shatabdi, image by charlie

This type is also known as the poor sister of Shatabdi, providing the option of AC and Non AC affordable travel with Chair car, berth and 2S sleeper seatings. Jan shatabdi’s ply on similar routes to that of Shatabdi.

Express Trains:

Express Trains, image by charlie

These are the most common type of trains in India which are slower than their Rajdhani and Shatadi counterparts and which stop at more stations than Rajdhani’s but lesser than that of Normal mails and passenger trains. Majority trains operating in the Indian Railways are express trains. These often witness daily passengers as well who travel to work every day from faraway cities.

Local Trains:

Local Trains, image by charlie

These are the trains which interconnect the city and connect the city with the suburbs. They are electric trains and do not have any berths but only normal bus-type seating. These are a lifeline to metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai.


Metro, image by charlie

This type has arrived recently on the Indian railways scene ever since the first metro in Kolkata. These are the AC trains connecting parts of the same city and suburbs.Their fast service and comfortable seating have made them the most preferable option for travel in the city.

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Your Gateway to the Okavango Delta Safari

One of the top African safari destination, the largest inland delta in the world is already known as legendary for its spectacular wilderness that offers an amazingly functioning ecosystem. The Okavango Delta is special for nature lovers all around the world. The Africa tours conducted in this part have even been filmed and turned into documentaries as visitors continue to be fascinated by with the hundreds and thousands of amphibians, mammals, birds, reptiles, insects, fish, and plants.
While many trips of these Okavango Delta safari tours make it a point to include traditional canoe (mokoro), others get to experience the deltaic beauty by riding aircrafts. A tour is incomplete without a local guide. You need them for both their services and love for their wonderland alike. So while you go mobile, mobile lodge or lodge based, travelling can be turned into an exciting experience with your degree of participation and the special interest it caters to.

Wild Dogs @ Chitabe Lediba Camp, image by * Beezy *

Visiting the Nature’s Masterpieces

Safari is all about the thrill, about finding yourself return back to the nature, preferring raw over the tamed, sophisticated life. At Bostwana’s Okavango Delta, you are rewarded with one such memorable experience. Annual flooding makes it attractive for innumerable animals to forge themselves a habitat here. Elephants, Cape buffalo, lions, leopards, and rhinos, all can be found in this place. The sounds of this African wilderness echoes at night, and being there is simply an otherworldly experience.

Additionally, since it is a World Heritage Site, one discovers a practically untouched freshwater wetland. Easy to access, accommodating the broadest range of safari activities, providing the most intimate of fly-in lodges for undiluted romance, the location can be the hotspot for anyone and everyone from nature photographers to newlyweds or safari enthusiasts.

Chief’s Island

Aptly positioned at the heart of the Okavango Delta in Moremi Game Reserve, the magical island is one of its largest. It’s fertile, therefore the mature woodlands have in abundance marula trees, leadwood, rain trees, and acacia, while the wetlands have plenty of rich shoots.

Its game concentration is hard to miss. From zebra, buffalo, red lechwe, tsessebe, reedbuck, impala and giraffe to mongoose, warthogs, vervet monkeys, and baboon, the lagoon is also full of hippos, crocs, elephants, cheetahs, lions and leopards. The gaming view is the finest you can get in Southern Africa. The habitat is excellent for bird watching too.

The Selinda Spillway

Exploring the waterway linking the Okavanago Delta to the Linyati and Kwando water systems can be spelled out in a single word: amazing. The trail can be considered a premium in terms of walking and canoeing safari. Most of the people end up prolonging their adventurous exploration to get a more extraordinary experience from easy paddling to impromptu fly camps, to going on foot to encounter a variety of species en route. The journey is as relaxing as uniquely fascinating.
It is simply impossible not to be absorbed into the wilderness that surrounds you in this place.

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Eight best snowboarding spots in Japan

If you are looking to snowboard in Japan and are unsure about where to go, here is a guide to the top ten locations, to help you plan your trip.


Made up of five resorts, being Annupuri, Higashiyama, Hirafu, Hanazono and Moiwa, you can buy a ski pass to access them all and experience a whole range of snowboarding conditions. Niseko has famous tree runs such as Strawberry Fields and Miharashi and it also has scenic powder fields and slopes. Night snowboarding is defining feature of Japan. Niseko in particular is very well lit at night, providing a new experience and challenge for snowboarders.

Teru Yoshioka hitting the sweet spot, image by glen claydon


Catered evenly towards beginners and intermediate snowboarders, Furano is a great snowboarding spot for a range of people. There is even terrain for advanced snowboarder, making it a popular choice for people travelling in groups where there are a range of skills within the group.

Nozawa Onsen

If you are looking for a good snowboarding spot, while being immersed in Japanese culture, Nozawa Onsen is a very appropriate choice. It has authentic atmosphere with natural hot springs, while providing an excellent snowboarding environment.


As Hokkaido’s third biggest resort, Rusutsu has some of the most well developed snowboarding schools. The high quality of teaching makes it one of the most appealing destinations for beginner snowboarders. Plus, Rusutsu has one of the best lift infrastructures of all the parks in Japan, making it a less stressful experience when snowboarding.

Shiga Kogen

With twenty-one resorts, Shiga Kogen is a great Japanese snowboarding destination. With overwhelming access to seventy lifts, Shiga Kogen caters for all skill sets. It features quality snow and commendable slopes.


If you were impressed by the size of Shiga Kogen, you should see Hakuba. It boasts one hundred and thirty five lifts and 1081m vertical rises. The terrain park is one of the best in Japan.


Although it is a smaller location, Sahoro is still very popular. It host excellent conditions for intermediate snowboarders, with a less extreme and relaxed atmosphere.


If your intention is to snowboard and experience a range of different active activities in Japan, Tomamu is for you. Off-piste skiing, heli-skiing, cat-skiing, a huge indoor wave pool and an ice-dome village are just a few of the extra options they include on top of snowboarding.

Author Bio:

Snowcapped Tours specialises in providing individual domestic and international ski holiday packages that cater for all levels of skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts at some of the best prices in the market.

The experienced team at Snowcapped Tours is renowned for providing the highest level of customer service and exceeding client expectations.
Contact Snowcapped Tours at and let them find the best ski holiday packagesfor you.

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Simple Ways to Make Your Chennai to Velnakanni Trip Special

Apart from having hundreds of temples, Tamil Nadu also has many famous churches to be visited. One of such famous churches is the “Our Lady of Good Health” church located at Velankanni.

Velankanni is a town situated in the Nagapattinam district and is around 350Km from Chennai. The Bay of Bengal is on one side of the town making it a very picturesque location. Roman architecture can be traced back to the fact that this town was an erstwhile prominent port frequented by Roman traders. Velankanni is well connected by rail and has trains running to Chennai. But who would want to miss out on a road trip to Velankanni, when the route is laden with beautiful locales?

The best route from Chennai to Velankanni would be the Chennai – Ulundurpet 4-lane road which passes through Tindivanam, Pondicherry, Vriddhachalam, Sethiyathope, Chidambaram, Sirkazhi and Karaikal. It is advisable to start as early as possible to avoid the city traffic, as is the case with trips originating from major cities. A 4:00am start would be ideal.

For those of you who prefer to have a cup of hot tea or coffee before the drive, Vandalur, situated at Chennai’s outskirts has many decent road-side coffee shops. The road from Chennai to Pondicherry is excellent and this is the stretch where one can stomp their foot on the accelerator.

On reaching Pondicherry, a breakfast pit-stop would be advised as Pondicherry has some excellent eateries with decent facilities for freshening up. Le Café at Goubert Avenue is a famous restaurant in Pondicherry which is open round the clock and serves tasty sandwiches. Also, the restaurant offers a beautiful view of the sea. Sunrises are beautiful. And watching the Sun rise from the shores is truly a sight to behold! Now without getting carried away with the calmness of the sea, hop in to your vehicle to reach the next stop which is Pichavaram.

The road after Pondicherry might not be as smooth as the earlier part of the journey but is very much driveable. The drive from Pondicherry to Pichavaram via Cuddalore is a little less than 2hrs. Pichavaram is part of Cuddalore district and its prime possession is a hidden mangrove forest. Do take some time off to check this spot out as these mangrove forests are home to some rare birds and fishes.

The TTDC (Tamil Nadu Tourism) offers boating facilities and early in the morning there is hardly any crowd. The ticket costs around Rs.200/- and make sure that you are taken to the dense forests to watch the avian and aquatic wildlife. Don’t miss to capture these views on your camera as there are very few mangrove forests which are easily accessible for the general public and Pichavaram is one of them. After the boat ride, recharge yourself for the next stop – Tharangambadi.

Tharangambadi (previously called as Tranquebar) is situated in the Nagapattinam district and was visited by the Danes in the 17th Museum. The Dansborg Fort is situated on the shore and one can see the waves kissing the walls of the fort. This site offers an unending view of the sea and is another hotspot for the shutterbugs.

The Danish Museum is home to ancient artefacts. There is also a 14th at Tharangambadi which dates back to the Pandian times. Within walking distance from the temple is the “Bungalow on the Beach”. This hotel cum restaurant is a recommended pit-stop for lunch not only for its tasty dishes but also for its facilities and courteous staff.

After Tharangambadi, your next stop is the final destination – Velankanni. Velankanni is an hour’s drive from Tharangambadi. The town greets you with the St Sebastian Church which is located at the entrance of the city. This is one of many churches present in Velankanni which fill the air with spirituality.

Basilica of Our Lady of Good Health is a Roman Catholic shrine and people of different faiths visit the church all round the year. The church is a 16th associated with its foundation. The basilica is situated right opposite the church. The structure is spotless white which radiates a feeling of divinity. Masses are conducted in many languages both in the morning and evening. The area around the church is a pedestrian zone and this majorly helps in ensuring that the pilgrims experience a sense of calmness. The Morning Star church is a new structure erected close to the basilica and is another architectural wonder.

Velankanni has good hotels to offer and some of the prominent ones are Seagate Resorts and Hotel Picnic. “Maria” is a popular restaurant in Velankanni and is frequented by most of the pilgrims.

Here are a few tips to make your journey as pleasurable as possible:

  • Hire a reputed taxi for rent as it is always advisable to have a knowledgeable driver at your disposal.
  • One can refuel their vehicle at Pondicherry and Karaikal.
  • Do not buy anything from touts as the church has its own stalls where candles and flowers can be purchased.
  • The church also offers rooms for accommodation at very nominal rates.
  • Evening mass starts with a Rosary. 29th draws large crowds.
  • Avoid having street food and be extremely cautious about sea food.
  • If time permits, visit the Poondi Basilica situated at Thirukattupalli.
  • Make sure you carry sufficient umbrellas and water as this part of the world remains hot for a major part of the year.
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The eventful history in the land of India

Many of the grand monuments and buildings were left behind by the various rulers and dynasties in India. These Indian historical places are a worth exploring and they are truly fascinating. The historical landmarks are situated in many cities of India and the historical monuments include:

  • Beautifully crafted tombs
  • The tremendous victory pillars
  • The lovely forts and palaces and several others.

Indian historical places2

The place Delhi, the capital of the Mughals has several famous historical monuments which include:

  • Jama Masjid
  • Red Fort
  • Humayun’s Tomb
  • Parliament House
  • The Lodi Tombs and many more.

The place Rajasthan was known to be the land of the Rajputs and the place offers grand forts and palaces. Jaipur is considered as one of the historical destination in India and the magnificent palaces include the Majestic Mehrangarh Fort and the Palace of the Umaid Bhawan.

The historical places in Maharashtra

There are many of the historical palaces in Aurangabad, Maharashtra and the place was considered to be the capital of the Tughlaq Empire. Aurangabad is known for the historical monument Devagiri Fort and the cave temples of Ajanta and Ellora are near to the city. The place Maharashtra is also known for the Hindu, Jain and Buddhist cave temples and the city Mumbai is known for the monuments and remarkable colonial architecture.

Historical places in other parts of India

  • One of the historical places in South India is the Mahabalipuram, which is considered as the artistic center of the Pallava dynasty. Some of the things to see in Mahabalipuram are the shore temples, the five chariot shaped temples.
  • There are many places to see in Varanasi and the place is famous for the archaeological museum, ceremonial Ghats and many other famous temples.
  • Bodhagaya another historical place in Bihar is very popular for the Buddhist pilgrims and many of the Buddhist followers visit this place every year.

Historical places in Gujarat

The famous Jama Masjid
Jama Masjid, one of the historical monuments was built in the year 1423 and it is considered as one of the early Ahmedabad mosque. The roof of the mosque is supported by 260 columns and it was in the year 1819 when the two shaking minarets lost half of their height.

The Jewel of a Mosque

Indian historical places

Rani Sipri’s Mosque
The Rani Sipri’s Mosque is one of the small mosques which is known for its well executed design and extremely graceful look. The mosque is known as the Masjid-e-Nagira and is renowned all over the world as ‘Jewel of a Mosque’.

The famous Sarkhej Roza
The Sarkhej Roza is known for the cluster of monuments and the Rauza or Maqbara is one of the largest mausolea in India.

The Rann of Kutch Desert
It is one of the wildlife sanctuaries which is known for the rare species of the wild horses in India. The sanctuary is also known for other animals such as blue bull, sandgrouse, francolin, Indian fox, wolf, jungle cat and several other unique species and definitely this is one of the Indian historical places.

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Tourism Destinations around the World

Travelling to your desired destination gives you a feeling of bliss. Travel is for leisure as it makes you feel relaxed by discovering your place, for which one is longing to visit. Hills, beaches, deserts or any other place that suits ones choice, as every place has its own natural beauty. There are few places in the world where you would desire to visit the place with your spouse or with your family. One wants something classy, different and most beautiful places to visit that would fit into your budgets.

Some of the favorite tourist destinations to visit are:

Thailand: Thailand has been the most visited honeymoon destinations these days. It is amazing destination, as couple’s encounters with world class spa services. One can feel the embrace of winds as one wish to stay in bungalow-beaches that gives you privacy. The hush of waves beneath the blue sky makes the place more exotic for the couples.


Maldives: Maldives are dependably an immaculate end of the line to dream your sunny shore occasion by using sumptuous days in any high class resorts or while swimming among the tropical fish 80 feet submerged. Stretching out over the southwest of Sri Lanka, very nearly 1,102 islands that makes can make up the Maldives structure 26 tolls. The wonderful archipelago mixes into a palm-bordered dimness.

South Africa: There are many attractive beaches and relaxing edges on the coastlines of Africa. The well constructed hotels serve as an oasis after venturing some of the side scenes. This place is a mixture of places as it has wildlife, beautiful beaches making your holiday more exclusive.

Bali: Located in Asia, it is the best destinations for those who are looking for something different. The place has white sand beaches with all water activities. One can enjoy wildlife experience and relaxing massage that makes you feel better after exploring the places.

Seychelles:It is a standout amongst the most shot sunny shores on the planet and is one of the 115 archipelagos in the Indian Ocean. The sunny shore gives a pleasant picture where sands shimmer against background of rock stones, worn by time and climate. The wonderful turquoise water is shallow and it is sheltered to visit the shore as it is ensured from sea’s waves.

World is full of beautiful places. You have mountains, beaches, waterfalls, monuments and pilgrims. It all depends where one desires to travel. Sometimes, a traveler needs a change so one can try any above mentioned places. As a adventurous person would love travel more and more.

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Find the right chatrights – private jets in Calgary

Why you should consider air charter
While searching for chartrights – private jets in Calgary there are some things which a person should consider in order to make sure that he finds best company for himself. When you search on the internet you will find many companies which are offering the services of private jets but this does not mean that one can select any of them and if you searching for the right company for the first time then it is needed to keep some the important considerations related with private jet companies.

private jet rentals

How to find the right company
The very first thing which you should consider is the type of company. Even in case of chartrights – private jets in Calgary there are several different types which are totally different from each other. Most of the companies that are offering their services in this field are not able to provide with the services in all the different kinds of private jets. Some companies are offering their services for business class jets and other are offering in some other types of private jets. So when searching for private jet company it is needed that first you should find out which company is offering which types of jet and then select the right private jet according to the requirement. Which type of jet would be suitable for you depends upon the trip for which you are hiring private jet services. If you are not sure about it you can search about the different kinds of private jets and their usage for different purposes.

private jet rentals1

Which company is perfect for you?
Another thing which a company should be consider while looking for chartrights – private jets in Calgary is level of support by the company. As there are several companies that are currently working in this field therefore the quality of the services by each company would be different from each other. The quality of the services being provided by the company is directly related with the cost of services. So if you are looking for professional class services then in this case the total cost of the services that are offered by private jet company would be more as compared to other companies. Therefore if you are little low on budget then it is preferred that you should look for those chartrights – private jets in Calgary which you can afford and on the same time which are suitable for you from quality point of view. You can start searching for the private jet companies on the internet and can compare the services offered by each company along with the charges of each company. This will allow you to find better company for yourself.

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A Visit To Valley Forge

Valley Forge is a very important part of American history. This is where the American Revolution recorded a great victory against the offensive British invasion. Located in Pennsylvania Valley Forge was chosen by the General George Washington who was leading the continental army, as the best area for blocking British army. He lost thousands of soldiers due to starvation, diseases and lack basic human needs during the winters between December 19, 1777 and June 19, 1778. Today this encampment grounds is maintained by the National Part Services of the Department of the interior as the Valley Forge National Historic Park. Today, if you visit this place this is that you are likely to come across.

A Visit To Valley Forge 1

1. Visitors Centre,
• This is where much of the information about the Valley Forge is preserved. The centre has personnel who will guide you through and also give you the first hand history of the encampment that you don’t know.• It acts as orientation to the visitor and also features a museum with artefacts that were collected during excavation of the site.• It also has a record of the continental soldiers who were actively in the revolution war and those who died in the battle field.• There are also numerous photos, storytelling programs, ranger-led gallery programs and also you can watch short film of 18 minute in this centre about the winter encampment in its theatre.• The centre also has a customer desk where you can ask for any detail related to the park affairs.

2. Washington headquarter building,
• This is the colonial home that was converted into a command centre by the General Washington during the encampment.• It is now rehabilitated but still it maintains the initial construction and all the facilities that were used back then are still intact in their place.

3. Log cabins and other reconstructed buildings
• These are the cabins that are believed to have been used by the soldiers during the encampment.• They have been reconstructed to give the real picture of the original cabins that were used to protect the soldiers from the cold weather during the winters.• There are other buildings that are yet to be reconstructed and thus they are not open to the public due to their dilapidated state.

4. Washington Memorial Chapel
• This chapel sits on the hill at the center of the present park and it was built as a tribute to General George Washington who led soldiers in the battlefield.• Today this chapel is used by Episcopical church and it was project proposed by the Rev. Dr. W Herbert Burk and today, it serves the park and the surrounding community spiritually.

A Visit To Valley Forge
5. Memorial area
• This is an area that is today treated as the National Memorial Arch sitting atop a hill between the Outer line of defense and the Gulf road.• It was built by1977 to give respect to all the soldiers who starved to death between December 19, 1777 and June 19, 1778.• It is inscribed by a tribute from George Washington in honour of his soldiers lost in the war.

6. Recreation facilities
• There are many trails in the park that where you can have a jog, walk or bike riding comfortably.• Also you can have horse riding, canoeing and there are also many picnic areas where you can have good time as a family or an individual.

These are only a few of the fascinating features you can find in Valley Forge. It is a nice place where you can even take a drive but you must be good in it. If you feel like you need some more knowledge, you can take the dsa book driving test to sharpen your skills so as not to cause any accident.

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Where to stay in Bologna Italy?

If you are looking for a place to stay during you­­­­r visit to Bologna, there are various top hotels you should consider as the best places to stay. They are described below:

I Potici Hotel & Restaurant

Top on our list is the I Potici Hotel & Restaurant. It is a modern hotel with a spacious, clean and white interior which is not the case with most modern hotels. In addition, this hotel offers a superb restaurant which is known by prestigious Michelin guide as the only Bologna restaurant to boast one star. It is located in Via Indipendenza and is the best place from which to take pleasure in Bologna, Italy and all its beauty. This is definitely one of the best places to stay.

Hotel Novecento

Hotel Novecento is second one of the best places to stay and just like I Potici Hotel & Restaurant, this hotel is one of the Bologna Art Hotels. It is however the most modernized of them all. It was opened in the year 2003 and offers uniquely different suits which give clients a 1930s European art deco taste. This 4-star rated hotel is located around the corner, not far from the major Piazza Maggiore. It is a modern and elegant hotel suitable for any kind of stay in Bologna. In addition to being spotlessly clean, the rates for this hotel are reasonable. The staff members of this Bologna accommodation are friendly and offer assistance to clients as fast as they can.




Royal Hotel Carlton

Third on the list for best places to stay is Royal Hotel Carlton which is located between the city center and the train station. It is a massive building with a superb bar and restaurant, and a gym. It has 236 rooms, spacious conference center, wellness center equipped with technogym facilities and a garage parking. All round this hotel is a large garden which makes it elegant. This is the perfect hotel for business trips. There is a foyer with elegant décor, reserved lounges where you can relax or meet for business with total privacy. This hotel is the place for sports fans to meet and socialize. It continues to get better and change its facilities as technology advances. Thus, it is able to meet the needs of its local community members and visitors too. Simply put, the Royal Hotel Charlton has the perfect making of a superb hotel where you can stay while on holiday. Consider any of the above hotels as the best places to stay while in Bologna

For more places In Bologna readers can also check this page


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